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We have been providing gardening services since 1997, we have regular garden maintenance arrangements with all kinds of clients such as: Pensioners, disabled and handicapped also, we offer a landlord service where we have a fortnightly or monthly agreement to maintain the gardens on rented property.

It is our firm belief that regular garden maintenance will save our customers money in the long run. If your garden becomes overgrown and generally out of control then, it takes far more work effort in the beginning to get things under control.

We are more than happy to maintain your lawns and hedges. Often over grown hedges become a real nuisance to neighbours, this can be a source of dispute. As in some cases long overhangs and reduction of light to others property might make you unpopular. Lawns are lovely if they are weed free and nice and green, we are experts in lawn maintenance and weed control for paths & drives.

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Garden Maintenance, hedges,lawns and fencing Hull area.

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